Middletown city court judge runs in Rockland’s Supreme Court District

Judge Guertin has spent most of his life in the legal field. As he approaches the conclusion of another bid for New York’s Supreme Court, the Middletown City Court Judge told the Rockland Times that he’s excited about an opportunity to serve his community at a higher level of government. “ I love being a city court judge”, explained Guertin, “I was very comfortable, but we’re not called on the be comfortable.” Judge Guertin previously ran for office in 2018 and again in 2020 at the behest of the republican chairs of multiple New York counties, and local officials who he has worked with. This year, the judge will be one of 14 candidates running for the seven seats open in New York’s 9th district.

Judge Guertin has made his expansive legal career a focal point in his campaign. The candidate boasts over 40 years of legal experience with a background in civil and municipal law. Judge Guertin is unique among many of his fellow candidates in that he is currently a practicing judge, and in fact was motivated to run for New York’s Supreme Court so that he may continue in the profession for as long as possible. “I think I have an obligation, I’ve tried to dedicate as much of life to public service as I can.” Judge Guertin has served as full time Middletown City Court Judge from 2003 to 2005 and since May 2018. As City Court Judge, his case load includes civil and small claims cases, landlord/tenant disputes, traffic tickets, criminal cases, and violations of City of Middletown codes and ordinances.

In addition, Judge Guertin has also severed as a hearing officer for the Orange County Health Department, and believes that his experience as a civil servant has helped him develop the compassion and consideration necessary for any fair judge. He has stated that one of his primary goals in every ruling is to educate and inform the public on the minutia of the law and to foster a greater understanding of the legal process. As a professor of law at Orange County Community College, Judge Guertin is well equipped to do so. “I understand the deep need to treat people with fairness and care” said the Supreme Court Candidate. Judge Guertin prioritizes the rights and privacy of those who step into his courtroom, for example, banning in room media coverage of a highly contentious shop lifting case, and striving to arrive to court the exact time a trial is set to start ( a virtue seldom expressed by others in the profession.) With a storied career and an even temperament, Judge Guertin stands as an excellent candidate for New York’s highest court.

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