Rockland high school student raises money and collects winter coats for the homeless

Charlie Bieger, a Tappan Zee High School junior, has created a business selling T-shirts and hoodies designed to combat homelessness. He specifically designed a line of clothing where he donates 100% of profits to the Nyack Homeless Project (a 501(c)3 non-profit) and Charlie also donates two meals for every purchase from the other clothing lines he has created.

Charlie started his online business (CBX Apparel, before the pandemic at 13 years old and has since grown its reach to the Piermont Farmers Market and local clothing stores like The Editor in Nyack. Charlie has raised several hundred dollars for the Nyack Homeless Project and plans to continue. He is working to increase his reach and gain support from customers worldwide.

Charlie recently announced that CBX Apparel will hold a Black Friday “sale” starting November 20th. Rather than promote consumerism through huge sales, CBX Apparel will spread kindness over the holidays by doubling its sitewide contribution to the Nyack Homeless Project from two meals to four.

In addition, to help struggling Rockland County families this winter, Charlie came up with the idea to collect donated coats when he is selling at in-person events like farmers markets and deliver them the non-profit TOUCH NY to be distributed to those in need. People who donate gently used winter items will receive a $5-$10 discount on Charlie’s apparel that he sells at the Piermont Farmers Market. The goal is to encourage donations and create awareness of the need in our community.

Additionally, because of Charlie’s expertise in designing and producing apparel, he has been asked by his high school to make sweatshirts as part of the merchandise that the Tappan Zee High School store sells, which Charlie is doing at cost.

Charlie says, “I think my drive to help stems from my early childhood growing up in Brooklyn. While these issues are certainly more noticeable in New York City, there is a great need in Rockland County that is often overlooked. My goal has always been to create a business and products that positively impact those around me rather than maximizing profit.”

Charlie Bieger with his designs.

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