New City “Peach Pit” Moves to New Location

Healthy eating can be notoriously difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! New City’s Peach Pit Bowl Shop & Kitchen, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in November, boasts a tasty selection of acai bowls, smoothies and juices, along with a host of vegan, gluten-free and low-carb items.

Co-founders Shannon and Dave Bagatta—a former health restaurant manager and career chef, respectively—started the venture when they realized the area had limited options for those who strive to eat nutritiously.

“I’m from down the shore and my husband’s from here,” Shannon explained. “When I moved here there really were no healthy eateries or juice bars—nothing trendy or upbeat like that. So my husband decided to open up a

Though the Bagatta’s have enjoyed their time at Peach Pit’s current location (62 North Main Street in New City), success and the need for a bigger kitchen—along with a move to rebrand—has driven the pair to seek out a new address. As such, Peach Pit will temporarily close on December 30, with plans to reopen at 200 South Main Street in New City (formerly the home of Japanese restaurant Maki Maki) in early January.

While an exact opening date is yet unknown, Shannon promises customers that a new and improved Peach Pit will be worth the wait.

Instead of being a venue that mainly serves take-out orders, the new location will include a sit-down restaurant and café. Though the juice bar and health-conscious dishes will remain, chef Dave plans to expand the menu further, catering to a more diverse clientele.

“He’s going to be adding so much to the kitchen menu—fried chicken sandwiches, hot honey chicken sandwiches,” Shannon said. “A whole bunch of different menu items. Say you’re going out with someone and you’re vegan. They can have regular food and you can have (something) vegan. This way, everybody’s happy.”

While the menu will be expanding, Shannon emphasizes that Peach Pit will still serve most of the healthy items customers know and love. With nearly all ingredients and produce being locally procured and hand-picked, one-of-a-kind dishes are the eatery’s specialty.

“We try to keep it that the way it tastes here, you can’t really get it anywhere else,” Shannon noted. “We hold on to the uniqueness.”

Co-founder Shannon Bagatta at the current Peach Pit

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