Winter Storm peters out over Rockland

Though a major storm warning was issued by the National Weather Service for Rockland County Monday night, Orange & Rockland representative Mike Donovan reported that the damage done was not as severe as expected.

“The forecast for the storm last night was to be a fairly severe, destructive storm,” said O&R rep Mike Donovan. “Fortunately for whatever reason we didn’t get the full effects as they were talking about.”

Fortunately a small fraction of residents, a total 2,500 customers out of 310,0000, reported any issues following the storm. Some local roadways were impacted and may see worse conditions as the week continues. At time of publication, Route 59 by the Palisades Center is closed in both directions, as is Route 303 by the Route 59 interchange. Further flooding is expected around Rockland as snow melt coming south from Orange Count swells the Hackensack River.

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