Racist Road Rage

Racist Road Rage

A Rockland County women was arrested last Saturday after going on a racist diatribe while riding a transport of Rockland bus. The unidentified woman made several derogatory remarks about immigrants and appeared to be intoxicated according to a fellow passenger. The woman at one point screamed, “Get the **** out of my country” before being […]

New Square “Circus” Chapter II

Follies of the “Sirkus Brothers” continue as a drunken Chaim is arrested for driving stolen garbage truck into school bus. Early on Tuesday, August 28, Chaim Surkis, 23, of New Square was arrested for stealing and then driving a garbage truck while intoxicated and hitting a parked, unoccupied school bus. The Town of Ramapo Police […]

1,000 per month ticketed for texting while driving

New York State announced this week that a new law to prevent distracted driving, has resulted in 118,757 tickets since July 2011 for using an electronic handheld device while driving. Governor Cuomo introduced legislation to strengthen enforcement of texting-while-driving violations in June 2011, and signed the new penalties into law in July 2011. The legislation […]