Racist Road Rage

A Rockland County women was arrested last Saturday after going on a racist diatribe while riding a transport of Rockland bus. The unidentified woman made several derogatory remarks about immigrants and appeared to be intoxicated according to a fellow passenger. The woman at one point screamed, “Get the **** out of my country” before being removed from the bus and taken into police custody.

Sheriff’s deputies and Orangetown Police responded to the incident near Route 340 after the bus driver called dispatch and requested law enforcement assistance.

The entire incident was recorded and posted to several media outlets by another passenger, who is now in contact with the Rockland County Commission on Human Rights.

The video of the event quickly went viral and even caught the attention of County Executive Ed Day, who described the tirade as “outlandish and degrading.”

“I applaud the bus driver, passengers and responding law enforcement for handing this situation as calmly as they did,” Day said. “Rockland County will not tolerate these types of divisions any longer. We all have much more in common than any superficial differences that appear to divide us.”

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