An Unarmed Population is the Greater Danger

BY ANTHONY MELÉ I have withheld specific comment until the investigation of the rampage by the alleged perpetrator in Colorado, whose name I refuse to print,* yields more technical facts about this individual case. As more facts are released, I will contribute a trained perspective to help make some sense of it all for us. […]

Calhoun Delivers a Parting Shot in Defense of Gun Owners and Business

Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun (R,C,I-Blooming Grove) voted Tuesday against passage of Assembly Bill 1157-B, which would mandate the practice commonly known as “microstamping” on handgun manufacturers in the state. This legislation would force this costly technology on gun manufacturers and make New York the only state to mandate the technology. “Microstamping is a technology in which […]

NYSRPA says Anti-Gun Extremists are Attempting to Shut-down Industry

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association condemns Assembly’s microstamping “sneak attack” The inclusion of mandatory firearms microstamping technology in the state budget bill A-9055C is an underhanded attempt to pass an increasingly unpopular idea into law, says the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. “There is absolutely no legitimate reason to include language […]