The Rockland County Times was in the press detail when the Lin-sanity all started back on February 4 in the Knicks vs. Nets contest at MSG. Editor Dylan Skriloff had already written half the article he intended to publish before the game, most of it waxing about how the Knicks season had become a funeral procession.

Oh, but the story changed by the end of the game, and how.

No funerals; instead the Knicks’ sudden-phenom, undrafted point guard Jeremy Lin, has New York and half the country Liiiin-saaaaane, and the Knicks within one game of .500. Averaging over 27 points and 8 assists per game since taking over as a starter, Lin has achieved what has never happened in professional basketball.

Someone thought to be a 12th man suddenly elevating his performance to starting All-Star caliber.

On Sunday the Rockland County Times will attend the afternoon against defending champions Dallas Mavericks. It promises to be an eventful contest and we will come back to you, our valued readers, with fresh insights and perhaps some words from the man himself, Mr. Lin.

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