North Rockland Cash Mob


Ellen Donovan read about a local group of Newburgh residents that were tired of seeing shuttered store windows, high taxes, and growing economic malaise. These Orange County residents joined together to create what is now known as a Cash Mob. A Cash Mob is a lot like a flash mob. A large group of strangers and friends get together at a pre-determined location to perform a choreographed dance, sing a song, or make some other statement . . . in a big way. A cash mob takes this concept and focuses it on supporting the local economy. The rules are simple: Get a big group together, pick a local small business, spend $20 at your visit, and meet three new friends. The quick cash infusion into any local business can do wonders for that company’s finances.

Donovan, a Stony Point resident and retired NYPD detective, was taken aback by how such a simple concept could create a big positive impact on the local economy. She decided to get a North Rockland Cash Mob rolling. Donovan contacted several members of the North Rockland Community Facebook page, including the author, to help get some traction and grow the mob. To date, the Cash Mob has grown to well over 1,500 members and the group is becoming, well, unruly.

On Saturday, April 21 at noon, mob members are set to meet beneath the four-faced clock at the corner of Maple Avenue and New Main Street in the historic Village of Haverstraw. From there, mobsters will march to the winner of an online poll where members nominate local businesses to be mobbed. Currently, Vilma’s Bakery and the Bella Rose Café are neck-and-neck in the poll. Next time, another North Rockland business will get a visit from the mob. All are welcome to attend. Funny hats are recommended.

The North Rockland Cash Mob is a leaderless, grass roots, and fully crowd-sourced movement open to all. For more information, join the North Rockland Cash Mob on Facebook, follow on Twitter @norocashmob, or email [email protected].



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