Major Stony Point Board Meeting on February 5 AT FARLEY SCHOOL


The Town of Stony Point expects their next board meeting to bring an overflow crowd and so Supervisor Geoff Finn announced at this week’s board meeting that the Feb. 5 meeting will take place at James A. Farley Middle School on Rt. 210. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. as usual.

The big topic that will draw the crowd is the next public meeting with developers of the proposed Champlain-Hudson Power Express project, which intends to build a DC electric line from Canada to New York City.

Most of the line will travel underneath the Hudson River, but the line as currently planned will come ashore in Stony Point, run through Haverstraw, before heading back into the Hudson near Rockland Lake. Fears of eminent domain claims and disruption of historic lands have been rampant since word of the project came about.

Also to be discussed at the Feb. 5 meeting, the town’s ever-contentious master plan, which still hasn’t been officially updated after years of debate, and Supervisor Finn’s annual State of the Town speech.

The Jan. 22 meeting of the Stony Point Town Board was mostly quiet. Finn announced that as supervisor the town has made his official vehicle a Chevy Volt which gets almost 100 miles per gallon. Finn said he’s proud to drive a car that is energy efficient and he pointed out that will also save taxpayer dollars.

He said he needed to have a respectable car in order to make a good presentation on behalf of the town when outside business interests show up to consider investments in the Stony Point area

During the board meeting Mike Puccio, owner of Rental-Zone, was thanked for his service in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Puccio donated equipment to help in the clean-up and recovery effort.

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