Benedict Arnold-Major Andre Story Told in Shadow Puppetry Production at Shades Rep


Benedict Arnold, traitor
Benedict Arnold, traitor

A charming presentation of New Gamelan Music and Shadow Puppets Saturday at Shades Repertory Theatre in Haverstraw enthralled an audience and this reviewer.

The Sari Dienes Foundation and Gamelon Sons of Lion brought the work of art to the theatre in the central Presbyterian Church on Main Street in Haverstraw, funded by the Community Arts Program of the Arts Council of Rockland and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Gamelan Sons of Lion is a new music repertory ensemble based in downtown New York City and Rockland County and specializes in contemporary pieces written for the instruments of the Javanese Gamelan: gongs, drums, various metal keyboards (in their case, iron).

This group performed a very intriguing concert of New Music For Gamelan including a Piece For Peace In The MiddleEast by Laura Siben, a Siendro Clarinet by Daniel Goode, a Savor Pelog by David Demitz and Balinese Angklung Music (traditional Indonesian).

After an intermission, “The Shades Of Treaso”n was presented, the story of Benedict Arnold and Major John Andre by the Shadows Puppet Group and this was well done and enchanting. The full story of Arnold’s betrayal of George Washington and giving the plans of West Point to Andre who was caught by American militiamen in Tarrytown, was performed by Puppeteer Barbara Pollitt with assistant puppeteer Nigel Irons and additional voiced by Gerard Ford.

Judy Kraskal and Rip Hayman. Gamelan Sons Of Lion musicians accompanied the puppet performance. They included Barbara Benary, David Demnitz, Jacqueline Dreschler, Daniel Goode, Laura Liben and John Morton. The script and music by Barbara Benary.

It was a very artsy evening at Shades repertory which is branching out to bring diverse works of art and culture to the area. I rate the New Gamelan Music and Shadow Puppetry at Shades Three Stars Out Of Four!!!

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