Vladimir Leon, write-in candidate for Rockland County executive on Democratic and Conservative Party lines


Summary of Education and Credentials:

• SUNY Rockland, AS in Math & Science.

• Binghamton University, BS in Molecular Biology.

• Columbia University, MS in Sustainability Management and Economic Development.

• Independent Study: Science: Soybean Proteins, Equisetin HIV Inhibitor.

• Independent Study: Economics: Rockland County Budget Deficit Crisis.

• Publication: High-Sensitivity C – Reactive Protein and Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 Stability Before and After Stroke and Myocardial Infarction (google.com)

• Future Economic and Sustainable Development Book and Article Publication: TBA

• Elections: Spring Valley Justice 2009, 2011, Ramapo Justice 2010

• Current Aspirations: Rockland County Executive

• Group Affiliations: Hudson Valley Boy Scout of America, AmeriCorps National Service, Member Respectable L. Fraternity # 3 Bis.


The Planks of Vladimir Leon’s Platform Include: 1.Economic Development (Foster comprehensive and socio-politically balance economic movements through partnership with all Rockland’s Towns and Villages) which focuses on: 2. Lower Taxes, 3. Better Education, 4. Family Values, 5.Better Retirement.

Vladimir Leon Only Candidate with Degree in Economy Offers Leadership on the Following:

Management of County Resources: 1. Preservation of all county resources including departments’ integrity such as restriction of sale on all county departments including department of hospitals. 2. Preservation of all natural, environmental, and economic resources. 3. Improvement of county credit-rating and household savings through policy development and government incentives.

Public Health, Improve Rockland’s air, water, housing and environmental quality through application of State and Federal laws by appointment and creation of a County General Inspection Office, which enforces such laws and report to county executive and general public with transparency.

Top First Year Priorities

Education, Close the education gap that exist in Towns and Villages with support for a referendum on creation and development of a County Department of Education to oversee school districts budget distribution and outcome. Promote Rockland Community College to become a full fledge 4-year institution with advance research and degree programs.

Tax, Real State and Housing Discrimination, Lower Taxes .3 % the first year and subsequently as county economy improves through household economic improvement through sustainable tax incentives, housing and real estate improvement as well as entrepreneurship programs for high tech business and high ends jobs attraction.

Economic Opportunity and Retirement: Put Rockland on the path to be competitive in its regional markets and to all regional counties through non myotic decisions focusing on cost benefits and defense of county interests through improvement of economic policies and market movements. Improve retirement programs for county residents, county employees and service persons through socio-economic programs that reduce reliance on regional service and markets and that ensure future generations.

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