DISTRICT MAPS SHOW: Regardless of party, Rockland County elections are about Ramapo bloc vote

The Rockland County Times has obtained pre-absentee ballot district-by-district vote tallies for the county executive and Surrogate Court justice primaries. The two hotly contested elections display the degree to which the Rockland electorate has coalesced into “Ramapo bloc vote” vs. “Anti-Ramapo bloc vote” camps.

The constituents of the Democratic and Conservative parties seemingly could not be further apart politically, but a common thread now links the voting pattern in both electorates. How this pattern plays out in November will likely determine the result of Rockland County’s 2017 election season.

Below are district by district maps of the Sept. 12 vote tallies for the two Conservative and Democratic primaries. Click on  individual images to enlarge.  An option to view full size will appear underneath the photo for further detail.

For PDF files click links at the end of the article.

District tallies provided by the Rockland County Board of Elections. Maps provided by the Rockland County Times.




Links to District maps for Conservative Party county executive primary 


Links to District maps for Democratic Surrogate Court justice primary

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